Reasons Why Taking BLS Training Course is Important

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There is no telling what could occur in the near future. One moment, you and your co-workers are in your work place and suddenly, someone is on the floor, unconscious, not breathing, with no pulse, definitely having a cardiac attack.

Benefits of Taking BLS Training

Therefore, if you are wondering if you must proceed and get your own BLS certification and license, then the following are the lists of some of the reasons why you must:

1. It Guarantees Faster Victim Recovery

Applying BLS methods that you’ve learned from BLS Classes early on makes a big difference in the rate of recovery of the patient. The earlier you carry out resuscitation measures or CPR, the better the victim’s chances at recovery.

2. Restores Blood Flow

Whenever you perform basic life support procedures such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, you do not actually restart the heart of your patient. Instead, you help keep the patient’s blood pumping all throughout the body. This means that the oxygen gets into his or her brain as well. And since you only have four to six minutes after the oxygen and the blood has been stopped flowing before brain damage begins, BLS helps maintain the brain’s supply of oxygen steady, reducing the possibility of damaging the brain and any other complications.

3. It Saves Lives

There is no greater satisfaction or better feeling than knowing that you have helped save someone’s life, which you have performed your part to make sure someone still gets to go home to his loved ones or be there for the Christmas season.

Other Tips

1. Always be first-aid ready. Unwanted incidents occur usually at homes as well. Make sure that you know how to perform first aid as well as keep your first aid supplies stocked all the time.

2. A lot of heart attacks occur at home. In order to make sure the health and safety of everyone you love, have them enrolled in a basic life support training course.

3. Enroll to a refresher course program. You might not know when an emergency situation may involve someone you love or your family member. Therefore, keep your skills updated.

Who Needs BLS Certification or License?

While it is already mandatory for every professional in the medical field to acquire certification, BLS training is definitely beneficial to all. Depending on your local regulations and location, professional health providers including nurses as well as doctors, and first responders like police officers and fire fighters, are basically required to acquire BLS certification. Some professionals like nannies, school bus drivers, child-care providers and those people working at the nursing homes for elderly would benefit from becoming BLS certified as well.

Employers may need their staff to hold a present BLS certification for some reasons. It might be the policy of the organization. The requirement for BLS certification may also be as easy as reducing liability if a medical emergency occurs on the company property. Regardless, still a lot of employees are required to have a BLS certification.

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