Thing You Should Know About Hard Water

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Hard water is the most rampant problem when it comes to water quality that’s reported by consumers all over North America. A Geological Survey specifies that hard water can be observed in over 85% of the country. Now, what makes hard water and what must users do to fix this issue? If you’re curious about these questions, check out the information below to know more. 


Hard water 

Hard water can greatly impact your body and your plumbing since over 60% of the water on earth is groundwater, which transports through soil and roc getting materials like magnesium and calcium along the way. Such contaminants generate what are usually known as “hardness” in water.  

Basically, the water’s hardness can be measured in GPG or grains per gallon. Hard water can easily be detected even if you do personal hygiene like washing your hair or it could be visible based on your appliances and fixture’s appearance or changes in your HVAC systems bills. 

Another indication of hard water could be clogged appliances and/or pipes. Mineral deposits from hard water could develop in coffee makers or form in plumbing tools or pipes. A user might observe a reduced flow of water and an increase in repairs. 

 Also, users might observe a film on their shower tiles or bathtubs, or even on themselves. The remaining film usually leads to scrubbing and souring the impacted fixtures even more, and could make your hair to be limp and dull and it can also dry your skin. Once the hard water’s heated, the minerals could precipitate and develop scaling. Aside from the development, mineral deposits could create an insulating blockade between the water to be heated and the heated element. 

In places that have hard water, the local water provider could possibly soften the water to approximately 5-6 GPG, which is still identified as slightly hard. 

Water Softening 

Consumers have always the option to invest in ion exchange water softening in their property. Water softening is the most common solution to hard water. This process is actually eco-friendly since it just softens the water to be utilized for cleaning, laundering, and some property uses.  

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